July 14, 2011
Park trust wants closure on nymph

June 23. 2011
Aldon James officially gone from Arts Club

April 21, 2011
Nymph Statue

March 3, 2011
Questions Remain on Landmarked NAC

May 13, 2004
National Arts Club on "Endangered" List

November 13, 2003
Arts Club Agrees to Pay $150G in Back Taxes
[DA investigation netted 2 guilty pleas, levies of $1 million]

September 25, 2003
Judge to Consider Arguments in Arts Club Membership List Suit

July 17, 2003
James Twin Pleads Guilty to City, State Tax Dodge
[Pays $529,200 in taxes, fines; gets 5 years probation, committed in
psych hospital for no less than 90 days]

July 10, 2003
John James of Arts Club Arrested in Tax Dodge

June 5, 2003
Historic Statue Found Destroyed in Arts Club
[Entrusted to Club for safekeeping]

May 29, 2003
Arts Club Members Get Second Chance to See "Secret" List

February 13, 2003
Club Pres' Withdraws From Race Case

December 26, 2002
Judge Sentences National Arts Club Manager
[Frappaolo ordered to pay $340,000 in plea bargain]

November 21, 2002
'Sharpton in the Park' via National Arts Club

October 10, 2002
Manager at Arts Club Pleads Guilty
[Admits stealing $160G in city and state sales tax]

September 26, 2002 and part of October 10, 2002
Shameless Exploitation of 9/11
National "unveiling" of statue happens without significance

September 19, 2002
Gramercy Park Vote a Defeat for Arts Club's President

May 23, 2002
Arts Club Fined $5G for Liquor Violations
Club Stiffs Accountants, OwesFormer Firm $34G
James: Toothless Tiger

May 16, 2002
Possible Fed, State Fines, Loss of Tax-Exempt Status
Former Accountants Strike Back at James

May 9, 2002
Possible Club Defense: Blame the Accountant
"Finance Too Complex for Us"

April 25, 2002
133 Members to James:  Step Aside Immediately

January 24, 2002
Arts Club Hires Attorneys:  The Cuomo Message . . .

January 10, 2002
City Raids Arts Club:  Records Seized in Criminal Investigation
Treasurer of Arts Club Says:  James is in Charge of Books

November 8, 2001
Blood Sport at the Arts Club:  False Accusations
Used by James to Silence Questions of Finances?

October 18, 2001
Arts Club never saw a suit it didn't like:
NAC legal expenses over $1 million

October 4, 2001
State presses cases against Arts Club to obtain documents and information:  Obstruction could lead to additional charges

September 20, 2001
Arts Club Predators:  How James and Leitner preyed on an elderly woman to change her will and buy her house at insider prices

September 13, 2001
Gramercy Park Plan Deemed Irrelevant by Lawyers

August 30, 2001
Strange Dealings to Rent Penthouse at Arts Club
[How $500,000 was lost and there's no explanation]
Club Pleads Not Guilty

August 16, 2001
Readers Report James' Brother Stealing T&V From Gramercy:
[Police Investigating Violation of State Law to Protect Papers]
'NAC Racism is Worse Than Apartheid': Harlem Opera
Park Rules Charges Dismissed From Suit:
[Judge Urges Settlement of Discrimination Claims]

August 9, 2001
Booze Purchased Illegally for NAC: How The Liquor Industry Was Duped

August 2, 2001
James Caught Using Racial Slur:
Harlem Opera Head Is Called "That Boy"

July 26, 2001
State Slams Arts Club:  Club Faces Loss of its Liquor License, Refuses to Disclose Books, Records
NAC Bylaw Protects Bd., James From Responsibility, Legal Fees
James Labeled as Racist, Liar by Director of Harlem Opera

July 12, 2001
Apartment Scam Not Pretty Picture
Rent Perks to Board Not Reported to IRS

July 5, 2001
Arts Club Violates Tax Code with "In-kind" Contribution
to Pols

June 21, 2001
Arts Club Not in Compliance with Guidelines for Charities
Operating Expenses Listed as Programs in Tax Return
Concerned Artist Welcomes NAC Probes

June 14, 2001
Possible Abuse of Liquor License at NAC

June 7, 2001
How Arts Club Diverted Income to Food Vendor

May 24, 2001
City to Probe Tax Questions at Arts Club:  Food, Beverage Sales Under Scrutiny

May 3, 2001
Club Gets No Kick From Champagne (Food, Beverage Sales)
Significant Violations of IRS Code...
Who Are Aldon James and Steven Leitner?

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